Monthly Archives: May 2011

Poem: Ram-Tam-Sing

If you’re searching for a tale
Of a place beyond the veil
A location close to hell
Where it is no one can tell
Not a one can ever tell
Tell just where is Ram-tam-sing.

In the bleak cold city called Ram-tam-sing
There is something gone wrong with everything
A tarnish coats every single last dime
Always Friday, but never quittin’ time

Ram-tam-sing eats all her children up alive
Bars don’t open as it’s never past five
The moon never shines on this city gray
For if the limit’s five, it’s always day.

If you’re looking for a home
A nice town to call your own
Ram-tam-sing’s not where to roam
You are better off alone
I am better off alone.
All alone in Ram-tam-sing.

In the lifeless city of Ram-tam-sing
There is nothing that moves, not anything
A stillness fills every last street
Main drag is quiet, grave silence complete.

Ram-tam-sing holds many secrets and tales
Bards try telling them and each always fails
The trains do not stop in this city black
For if they pause there, they’ll never come back.

If you’re seeking a haven
A life you think you’re savin’
Ram-tam-sing is not your goal
This city swallows people whole
This city will swallow you whole.
Swallowed whole in Ram-tam-sing.

In the hopeless city of Ram-tam-sing
There is a song that only she can sing
The sad ghostly aria floats on the air
No matter how you look, no one is there.

Ram-tam-sing dares you all to venture near
To be sure her siren song draws you here
If I sing, child, you’ll freeze on my streets
For if you come nigh, you’ll die at my feet.

If you want a mother town
It’s not ever where I’m found
Open your eyes, look around
Your soul to my walls is bound
I’ve your soul to my walls bound.
To me bound in Ram-tam-sing.


Poem: Hope

Is your hope sitting on your shoulder?
Hiding in your hair?
Whispering in your ear
To remind you that it’s there?

Does your hope hold your chin up
When life’s pulling it back down?
Does hope help keep you happy
Battling your stubborn frown?

When your situation’s desperate,
And you feel terribly alone,
Just reach out for your hope,
The source of comfort all your own.

And if you hear one thing I say,
Listen hard and listen long,
If someone tells you that you’re hopeless,
Please inform them that they are wrong.


Poem: Tokaji

Love dies on the vine, yes
Between us it spoils in the heat
But even sour grapes can rot just right
I make liquid golden light
Drink it down
Smile as I turn from whence I came
And dance forward to where I go now
Tokaji kiss sings in the waning autumn rain
I spread my wings
You and this world are not-so-big now.


I was listening to S. J. Tucker’s “Bad Apple Lament” when I got this
idea. When life gives you sour grapes, make Tokaji.

Poem: Love Poem from a Seattle Girl

I love you like leather loves bikers.
I love you like autumn leaves love the ground.
I love you like REI loves hikers.
I love you like water loves the Puget Sound.

Love is like a little spring breeze that cools your face.
Love is knowing in the world you have a place.

I love you like sugar loves real Coca-Cola.
I love you like Thursdays love a calendar page.
I love you like rosin loves a bow and viola.
I love you like a pagan circle loves sage.

Love is iridescent as a dragonfly’s wing.
Love breeds the compelling siren urge to sing.

I love you like Death loves black Magic cards.
I love you like Picard loves Tea, Earl Grey, Hot.
I love you like busty women love Renn Faire bards.
I love you like supervillains love a cunning plot.

Love is like a fox curled up warm in her cozy lair,
Love is like fingers twining in long hair.

Love is all these ideas and still so much more
I’m so *very* glad that you are my love, mi amor.

And so with that schmoopy line I get back to work
For I have much to do and no time to shirk.
Dear [lover], I love you and I miss you like whoa
So I write this poem of things you should know.


Poem: 46

I want to run
I want to stroll
I want to walk
I want to roll

I want a goal
I want a lock
I want a pun
I want a clock

I want my rock
I want my fun
I want my soul
I want my sun

To sit in sun
To warm the soul
To turn my lock
To meet a goal

To botch the roll
To wind my clock
To take a run
To carve in rock

To catch a walk
To tease in fun
To have the stroll
To say my pun

This is fun.
That is droll.
They all talk.