Poem: Love Poem from a Seattle Girl

I love you like leather loves bikers.
I love you like autumn leaves love the ground.
I love you like REI loves hikers.
I love you like water loves the Puget Sound.

Love is like a little spring breeze that cools your face.
Love is knowing in the world you have a place.

I love you like sugar loves real Coca-Cola.
I love you like Thursdays love a calendar page.
I love you like rosin loves a bow and viola.
I love you like a pagan circle loves sage.

Love is iridescent as a dragonfly’s wing.
Love breeds the compelling siren urge to sing.

I love you like Death loves black Magic cards.
I love you like Picard loves Tea, Earl Grey, Hot.
I love you like busty women love Renn Faire bards.
I love you like supervillains love a cunning plot.

Love is like a fox curled up warm in her cozy lair,
Love is like fingers twining in long hair.

Love is all these ideas and still so much more
I’m so *very* glad that you are my love, mi amor.

And so with that schmoopy line I get back to work
For I have much to do and no time to shirk.
Dear [lover], I love you and I miss you like whoa
So I write this poem of things you should know.



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