Poem: Ram-Tam-Sing

If you’re searching for a tale
Of a place beyond the veil
A location close to hell
Where it is no one can tell
Not a one can ever tell
Tell just where is Ram-tam-sing.

In the bleak cold city called Ram-tam-sing
There is something gone wrong with everything
A tarnish coats every single last dime
Always Friday, but never quittin’ time

Ram-tam-sing eats all her children up alive
Bars don’t open as it’s never past five
The moon never shines on this city gray
For if the limit’s five, it’s always day.

If you’re looking for a home
A nice town to call your own
Ram-tam-sing’s not where to roam
You are better off alone
I am better off alone.
All alone in Ram-tam-sing.

In the lifeless city of Ram-tam-sing
There is nothing that moves, not anything
A stillness fills every last street
Main drag is quiet, grave silence complete.

Ram-tam-sing holds many secrets and tales
Bards try telling them and each always fails
The trains do not stop in this city black
For if they pause there, they’ll never come back.

If you’re seeking a haven
A life you think you’re savin’
Ram-tam-sing is not your goal
This city swallows people whole
This city will swallow you whole.
Swallowed whole in Ram-tam-sing.

In the hopeless city of Ram-tam-sing
There is a song that only she can sing
The sad ghostly aria floats on the air
No matter how you look, no one is there.

Ram-tam-sing dares you all to venture near
To be sure her siren song draws you here
If I sing, child, you’ll freeze on my streets
For if you come nigh, you’ll die at my feet.

If you want a mother town
It’s not ever where I’m found
Open your eyes, look around
Your soul to my walls is bound
I’ve your soul to my walls bound.
To me bound in Ram-tam-sing.


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