Poem: Poet Season (June ’11 Poem-a-day, Day 1)

I’ve decided to try and write a poem for every day in the month of June, ideally one per day.
A poem a day keeps depression at bay.

Here is today’s.

Poet Season

In trying to write
the moment
I write nothing
worthwhile, profound,
nor meaningful.

I can only write
a poem if it
seizes me
in its jaws
and shakes its words
out of me.

So I seek you, poem.
Striped and spotted,
scaled and feathered.

I do not seek to
capture, hold, or
tame, nor to slay,
dissect, nor to sell
your parts to heal,
enchant, arouse
or harm.

I only wish to be
ripped apart
so I can bleed
your spirit
onto the page.


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