Poem: On Breath, Part I (June ’11 Poem-a-day, Day 3)

I want to live in the space between
your teeth
your tongue.
The gasps amongst words,
betwixt lines,
the mortar of stanzas;
here dwells the truest meaning
and most inscrutable.
deeper than verbs,
wider than adjectives,
I want to sleep twined
with your letters.
I want to kiss your consonants
with flushed lips.
I want to sink
of your vowels,
voluptuous, monolith, gorgeous noun of YOU.
I will pluck your subjunctive
like the strings of a cello,
fingers curved, beating
pizzicato pressure, precious
heady honey of Hebe
drenching my pluperfect
with vessel’s nectar,
Aphrodite’s lipstick still pressed to the edge.


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