Poem: Never Grow Up! Never Give In! (June ’11 Poem-a-day, Day 8)

Ladies, gentlemen,
sisters, shipmates, satyrs,
tricksters, tyrants, treasure hunters,

grant me your attention as I
invite you all aboard the Jolly
Roger! Under new management, our
leader Red-handed Jill has
stepped aside so that another

pioneering pirate lass could be born.
Impressed with her shipsister,
Red-handed Jill promoted Green-Eyed Sue to
Admiral, and now we sail under her command.
The seas of Neverland have never,
ever been been the same since.

ALL are welcome here, from paisleyed
circus tumblers to harlequin
acrobat acolytes (of
dieties known, unknown or otherwise).
Even parents and grownups, who
may have forgotten how to fly,
yes, as long as they are willing to learn.

Lost Girls Pirate Academy, now on Facebook for all to find, join, and love.


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  1. This reminds me of a song I might debut at Contata if I decide it’s finished…

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