Poem: Torchlight Truths

Healer, heal thyself.
This is heavy medicine.

There is no going back from this.
There is only going forward.

The woods are dark and you do not know the path,
but you will walk it by torchlight.

No misstep shall tumble you
nor mischief waylay you.
I will lift the light
raise it to guide and guard.
As my shadow beside me paces,
so too I am with you always.

In deepest shade,
in brightest sun,
find me at the meeting of ways,
for I am there.

Be afraid, but let not fear consume you;
I am hungrier than your fear.
Be wary, but let not caution stay your feet;
I am more frightening than the dark woods.
They are mine, they are me,
I unlock their secrets only for those who are actually ready to hear them.


About Shawna Jacques

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