Poemlet: “In Response to Snow White”


Snow White, you princess pale and fair,
I’ve stolen this guise
it’s your face I wear
When gazing at my mirror bright
It’s my visage you wear tonight!


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  1. Cecelia Eng’s song which was quoted at me:

    Red as Blood
    Words and Music: Cecelia Eng

    Mirror, mirror on the wall,
    Cannot see my face at all.
    My lips are red as the blood I crave,
    My hair as black as an empty grave.
    As my cold arms around you go,
    Admire my skin as white as snow!
    I’ve a coffin for my bed,
    And a piece of earth to lay my head.

    For I shun the bright sun.
    Snow white is my name.
    And I am the night one,
    As cold as the grave.

    Stepmother, Queen, you fear me well.
    The mirror answers to your spell,
    But father loves his daughter best,
    He’ll not believe what you have guessed!
    So best you learn to live in fear,
    And keep your cross and bible near.
    For if I catch you unaware,
    I’ll drink your life, I’ll drain you bare.


    Huntsman seeks to end my life
    With crucifix and prayer and knife,
    His eyes stare now from lifeless face.
    He met his death in my embrace.
    I walk these woods at night undead,
    My mother’s crown upon my head.
    I’ll bleed this land eternally –
    Stepmother, witch, come challenge me!


    Says the site where I found it, “Very nice twist to the old story. Based on Tanith Lee’s story, White as Snow, which is also highly recommended.”

  2. Logan Andrews

    In the first verse the line is “Admire my skin as white as snow.”

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