Monthly Archives: December 2011

Poem: Do I But Dream

As the world fern droops its fronds and
the red musk wax tree gently burns,
three clouden oak grow thick and strong;
old woodstide rolls and seasons turn.
White skyfish soft and sweetly sing,
a seacrow croaks his wat’ry call,
last sandwhale moans and stirs her wings,
swampleopard lurks, baleful, sees all.
Steadfast and seeking (sought) to no avail,
teaching and taught how to deceive, disguise.
Do I but dream this land fragile, pale,
or, rock solid awaking, lift my eyes?

Poem: Headache

I’m my father’s divisive prize,
With my mother behind his eyes.
As he breaks open the night,
She split his darkness with light,
and I joined the world as The Wise.


Poemlet: I Do Not Worship Satan

Sometimes they say I worship Satan
They don’t see their pointless hatin’
They forget he’s their creation
“Wrong pantheon!” ‘s my final statement.

(by me, written minutes ago today on 12-13-2011, from a conversation on Talis Kimberley’s Facebook wall)