Ficlet: “Oblivious”, a Firefly Ficlet (Simon Tam/Kaylee Frye), PG-13

Title: Oblivious
Author/Artist: Me, originally posted on my Livejournal
Pairing: Simon Tam/Kaylee Frye
Fandom: Firefly
Theme: #1, Look Over Here (this was a theme challenge for the 30_kisses Livejournal community 6 years ago)
Disclaimer: None of the characters or worlds in this story are mine. They are property of their respective owners.
Rating: PG-13

Kaylee always thought the doctor was real handsome. His dark hair begged to be stroked, as did other bits of him, but he never paid her any mind at all. She’d never wanted anyone so badly, but it wasn’t just about putting something between her nethers, oh no, it wasn’t. Kaylee was downright smitten.


Jayne was rather disgruntled. He took a liking to Kaylee, in his own rough-edged way, and he’d wanted her to want him, at least for a night or two, anyway. Her full hips and bottom begged to be squeezed, as did other bits of her, but she never paid him any mind at all. He’d never wanted anyone so badly, but he had no idea how to go about getting her attention, so he just went to his bunk and thought of her long and hard.


Simon loved his sister very much. Her frail body hid a mind so terribly broken and powerful that it scared him sometimes. He would, and had, done almost anything to protect her, and never gave much of a thought to himself, not once. He was resolute that he would protect River at all costs, and she was his sole focus. He saw, and he was blind.


River watched. All the time, she watched, and listened. She saw with her eyes closed, and heard with her mind, and she giggled. “You are such a boob.” She knew. Oh, did she. That girl with the bright eyes, she wanted Simon. He’d notice if he turned around. She peeked down at him. Yes, he was always like that. Smart, but oh, so very silly.


Kaylee averted her eyes and sighed mournfully as the only official couple on the ship locked lips. ‘Well, no doctor for me today, that’s for sure.’ She frowned wistfully. ‘Another night with just me and Serenity. She may be beautiful, but she don’t do anything for a lonely girl, that’s for certain sure.’


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