[Poem] Cascadia

If you set foot here,
even briefly,
she knows your name.
If you give her a piece of your heart,
bury it in the woods between the firs,
it will not pine for you when you leave.
It will rest, growing in your absence.
When you return,
as occasionally or often as you might,
dig it up.
You will find it not rotted nor diminished.
Emerald green sprouts will be growing from it:
choose one or two.
Transplant them wherever they long to be.
If that place happens to lay far away,
perhaps another traveler will see it,
ask it of Home, then go plant
a piece of their own
next to yours.

Inspired by Bekah Kelso, SJ Tucker, Seanan McGuire, and all the others who have found themselves returning home with a bit of themselves left behind in the Emerald City.


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  1. (here via Captain Awkward – 100% super excellent poem!)

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