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Filk: The Nation Called Panem

Updated lyrics here.


Outdated lyrics below:

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Poem: Awkward and Elbows

I’m not a 24-year-old woman
When she comes around
I’m instantly male
And 14
“Haha, you said hard”
And other such witticisms
Are all that emerge from my lips
I have two left feet
All awkward and elbows
Dorky to the max
And wanting to just snap my fingers
To make


(Posted on August 11, 2008, in my Livejournal. Written by younger Me.)

[PSA][Language] Nuclear vs Nuculer, or “What is a nucule?”

Curiosity’s power source is “nuclear” (new-clee-er), not “nuculer” (new-cuew-ler).

There’s no such word as nuculer.

[Edit] Actually there is, sort of! My friend Mali Hawthorne said this:
“What’s cool is that “Nu-Cu-Ler” is actually a word! A “nucule” is the meat in the center of a pit-having fruit, such as a peach, apricot or almond. An almond-bar, for example, can in fact, be described as “nucular” because it has to do with almonds, which are nucules!”

[Edit the Second] Another friend wisely pointed out that they find that discussions such as these are prone to stray to the level of “Learn English or go home”. An embarrassing and eye-opening moment for me as to where my privilege and prejudices lay.