Monthly Archives: June 2013

Ways To Be, and Not To Be

Regarding certain responses to issues of racism, sexism, cissexism, other prejudice-with-power problems, rape culture examples, and privilege:

I am tired of people saying that it’s “up to each individual to decide whether or not they’re offended”. That is essentially saying “It’s your problem if you are offended by this shitty thing I or someone else did that hurts you”, rather than “Wow, I or that person/group said/did an offensive/terrible thing, that sucks, how can I help?” Saying that it’s “up to each individual”, in this manner, is a non-answer, a “this isn’t my problem so I’m not dealing with it, la la la” answer.

No. Just no.

Wake up. It is EVERYONE’S problem when society and individuals treat certain people as less-than, less deserving of kindness, dignity, rights, and more. It is EVERYONE’S problem when someone gets denied their rights, raped, assaulted, murdered, attacked, harassed, and more. It is EVERYONE’S problem that there are people with no where to go and nothing to eat.

Let’s not be shitty to each other, shall we? The world is bettered when there’s less of this garbage going around.