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Filk: “The Lost Girl Connection”, ttto “The Rainbow Connection” as sung by Kermit the Frog

“He that will not sail until all dangers are over, will never put to sea.”
~Thomas Fuller

Why are there so many songs about pirates
and what gets brought in with the tide?
Pirates are fiction, and only delusions,
and grownups have childhoods to hide.
So I’ve been told and some choose to believe it.
I know there’s more, wait and see.
Someday I’ll find it, the Lost Girl connection.
It’s the LGPA for me.

Who said that wishes will never be granted
when wished on the righthand star?
Someone thought of that and many believed it.
Look what it’s done so far.
What’s so entrancing it keeps us from dancing
in the rain at age thirty three?
Someday I’ll find it, the Lost Girl connection.
It’s the LGPA for me.

All my life under a spell. I know that it’s seems kind of tragic.

I have been half asleep, and I have heard voices.
I’ve heard them calling my name.
Is this the sweet sound that calls the young at heart?
The voice might be one
and the same.
I’ve heard it too many times to ignore it.
It’s something that I’m supposed to be.
I think that I’ve found it, the Lost Girl connection.
It’s the LGPA for me.

I know that I’ve found it, the Lost Girl connection.
It’s the LGPA for me.

[Edit] It’s appropriate that this is my 42nd post on this blog.

Someone Else’s Words: “Rootless” and “La Sirene”

has just released her digital single, which contains “Rootless” and “La Sirene”.

It is so damn many kinds of worth it, you guys.

If the embed doesn’t work, check it out here!

Well done, SJ. ❤ Well done.

Filk: Dryads…Harmless?

ttto “Dryad’s Promise” by Betsy Tinney

(I wrote this in the Rotten Apple filk at Contata 6 this year)

Now, most Scottish dryads only want sun and water,
They cling to tradition like leeches to knees,
knowing their oak cousins deep in the wetlands
are distilling the best of whiskeys.

They sing
“No, you sisters mine, no,
no, please give back all the wet forest floor,
for these loamy distillings are nothing but spirits,
and our grandmothers’ trees deserve more.”

Sometimes, at new moon, they open their tavern,
their oldest of barrels are then newly cracked,
when the travelers came, you can see them all drinking,
the barmaids fill glass after glass,

Crying, “Ho, you customers, ho!
Don’t drink the swill served in town anymore,
for our grandmothers’ trees bring rare life to our barrels,
and you’ll learn to like dryad scotch more.”

Warned are the locals about the oak’s daughters,
of seasons and centuries of this long line,
when oak forest swampland runs red with the slaughter,
the drinks are on sale, you will find.

“Grow, you peat bog moss, grow
each of the ones we’ve interred, you will find
in tasting our whiskey, the deepest of flavors
will ever bring dead Scots to mind.”

In back of the tavern, surrounded by oak trees,
they tower there, silent, majestic, and strong
and the ghost of a customer, in grave not-so-shallow,
brings news that chills to the bone,

“Go, you vagabonds, go!
Do not tarry here lest they keep you behind!
Though it may seem like gifts when they give you some free ones,
I still cannot leave here, I find,
no, that taste in the scotch, it is mine!”

Poem: Never Grow Up! Never Give In! (June ’11 Poem-a-day, Day 8)

Ladies, gentlemen,
sisters, shipmates, satyrs,
tricksters, tyrants, treasure hunters,

grant me your attention as I
invite you all aboard the Jolly
Roger! Under new management, our
leader Red-handed Jill has
stepped aside so that another

pioneering pirate lass could be born.
Impressed with her shipsister,
Red-handed Jill promoted Green-Eyed Sue to
Admiral, and now we sail under her command.
The seas of Neverland have never,
ever been been the same since.

ALL are welcome here, from paisleyed
circus tumblers to harlequin
acrobat acolytes (of
dieties known, unknown or otherwise).
Even parents and grownups, who
may have forgotten how to fly,
yes, as long as they are willing to learn.

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