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NEWS: SOPA/PIPA – Have you called your elected officials, U.S. Citizens?

I have.

Today is a coordinated effort to protest SOPA/PIPA. Today, Wikipedia enables users to enter their zip code in order to look up the contact information for their representative. Please do it!

Here are the results of my calls:

Rep. James McDermott [D, WA-7]
Phone: 202-225-3106

They took my name, email, and zip code, and my view on SOPA/PIPA (I’m against it), and let me know that Rep. McDermott is also against it! Hurrah!

Sen. Maria Cantwell [D, WA]
Phone: 202-224-3441

They took my zip code, and my view on SOPA/PIPA, and said that, while Sen. Cantwell has spoken out against SOPA/PIPA, it is in the House right now, she won’t be voting on it. There IS a Senate version. PIPA is in the Senate, SOPA is in the House.

Sen. Patty Murray [D, WA]
Phone: 202-224-2621

I left a voicemail with my contact information and my stated view on SOPA/PIPA. I am unable to find for certain her views on SOPA/PIPA, which worries me. So far as I can find, she is undecided.