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Lyrics Snippet from 09-10-2008

I won’t be Wendy to your Peter Pan
I’ll not be Mickey to your Rose
I bow to none, catch me if you can
This is how the story goes


Posted originally in my LJ.

Poem: Awkward and Elbows

I’m not a 24-year-old woman
When she comes around
I’m instantly male
And 14
“Haha, you said hard”
And other such witticisms
Are all that emerge from my lips
I have two left feet
All awkward and elbows
Dorky to the max
And wanting to just snap my fingers
To make


(Posted on August 11, 2008, in my Livejournal. Written by younger Me.)

[Poem] Emotion

Sometimes, I feel like crying.

There is no particular reason, except that it feels as if someone somewhere must be cried for, whether they be happy tears, sad tears, angry tears, or tears unknown.

Sometimes, I feel like laughing.

There is no particular reason, except that it feels as if someone somewhere must be laughed for, whether it is happy laughter, nervous laughter, derisive laughter, or laughter unknown.

Sometimes, I feel like singing.

There is no particular reason, except that it feels as if someone somewhere must be sung for, whether it is joyful songs, tragic songs, defiant songs, or songs unknown.

We are all connected, in ways dark, mysterious, and strange, in manners strong, deep, and enduring, in fashions electric and liquid and brightly burning, and in patterns known and unknown. Isolation does not become us. We, like many other, are pack animals.

Cry for your sisters,
Laugh for your brothers,
Sing for your lovers,
And for yourselves.

You are kin and kind with one another.


(originally written 5 years ago today, posted in my Livejournal)

Lyrics/Poem: Macroreptilian Is An Awesome Word!

(originally posted in my Livejournal on 04/17/2008)

Paperwork is smashing my Tokyo in a macroreptilian fashion.

Thursday morning and I hit the ground running
Hit it so fast it didn’t see me coming
Climbing the wall
Trying not to fall
But to finish I will have to be cunning!

Today’s list is over-large and reptilian
My tasks number well over seventy million
Godzilla is smaller
Than my to-do tower
So perhaps I should call Nathan Fillion.

Mal Reynolds could possibly help me, I think
Bring me back from the black and away from the brink
And if help’s not the thing
I will crazily sing
As I’m hauled away by whitecoats to the shrink.

“So take my desk, take my phone
Tell me that I’m all alone.
I don’t care, I still see
You won’t take my list from me
Take me out or I will crack
And you won’t want me comin’ back
Burn my papers, boil my tea
You won’t take my list from me
And it will eat my sanity.”

Poem: To Lindsay

This was written by me on 02-16-2005, to my friend who died of brain cancer shortly thereafter. It’s originally posted in a now-locked LJ entry.

To me, my love, your tears don’t lend
I’m finally at my journey’s end.

I’m sorry to go and leave you here,
But we’ll meet again that much is clear.

Thank you for all the time you spent
For when your shoulder to cry on you lent.

Where I’ll be you can’t see my face,
But I’ll be there to save you a place.

So though I’m gone, don’t cry for me
I’ve found my release, I’m finally free.

Poem: One King

(Written on 02-16-2003, by me, posted in a now-private LJ entry. Poem based on One Ring poem by J.R.R. Tolkien.)

Three times did Simon Peter the Lord deny,
Seven days God took to create His own,
Nine feet was less than Goliath was high,
One God through His Son His great love has shown,
Through Calvary where Jesus died.

One King to rule them all,
One God to find them,
One Lord to bring them all
And in His mercy bind them
Through Calvary where Jesus died.

Poem: The Ocean

(I wrote this poem when I was 13 years old and in the 7th grade. All punctuation and capitalization is as-written.)

The Ocean

Rippling, singing
Dancing in the wind.
The water.
Smooth, silky
Whispering softly
The sea.
Shimmering, sparkling
In the bright sun,
The ocean.

Poem: CF (A Very, VERY Old Poem)

I want to know
I want to understand
Why is blue a color
And why does evil exist
Why do bad things happen
To good people?
Why do we lose our hearts?
Why do some live long
And prosper…
While others must battle
Their own bodies.
It’s not fair.
It’s not just.
It’s not right…
I know there’s a plan…
But why does it have to be this way?