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Poem: Headache

I’m my father’s divisive prize,
With my mother behind his eyes.
As he breaks open the night,
She split his darkness with light,
and I joined the world as The Wise.


Poemlet: I Do Not Worship Satan

Sometimes they say I worship Satan
They don’t see their pointless hatin’
They forget he’s their creation
“Wrong pantheon!” ‘s my final statement.

(by me, written minutes ago today on 12-13-2011, from a conversation on Talis Kimberley’s Facebook wall)

Filk: “The Ballad of Baubo Baggins”, ttto “Ballad of Bilbo Baggins”, as sung by Leonard Nimoy

Original prompt, by a friend elsenet: “Trippy filk cross: The Ballad of Baubo Baggins. Someone needs to write it!”

Originally published in a private Facebook group, by me.

In the middle of Eleusis tending royal hearth fire
lived a bold elder goddess whom we all admire.
With a face up above
and a smile down below,
she told a bawdy joke and now Thundercunts know her as

Baubo! (Baubo!) Baubo Baggins,
she’s saving us from the Fall!
Baubo! (Baubo!) Baubo Baggins,
the bravest elder goddess of them all.

Now Baubo is a ancient goddess you know,
she’s down to earth and funny and befriends Doso.
She didn’t care to travel very far from home.
She cared for the family and had been left alone.
But one day Baubo was asked to go
to the well for some water to bring back and so
she found a woman crying, lost and cold
whose daughter had been stolen to the underworld.

Baubo! (Baubo!) Baubo Baggins,
she’s saving us from the Fall!
Baubo! (Baubo!) Baubo Baggins,
the bravest elder goddess of them all.

Well she brought home the Queen,
and brought Doso too!
She welcomed the new lady
but said “I’m watching you.”
She called out for help
kept the kid from flame
and Doso then revealed herself for who she was

Baubo! (Baubo!) Baubo Baggins,
the bravest elder goddess of them all.
Baubo! (Baubo!) Baubo Baggins,
the bravest elder goddess of them all.

Now Demeter (with help) lifted the blight so dire,
and returned to the Earth the warmth of Sun’s bright fire.
Her daughter is a queen of a realm deep and cold
And everything is changing, thus the story’s told…

Baubo! (Baubo!) Baubo Baggins,
she’s saving us from the Fall!
Baubo! (Baubo!) Baubo Baggins,
the bravest elder goddess of them all.

Original Lyrics
Video of original song

Poem: Mercury Retrograde (or, Excuses)

(tongue-in-cheek, poking fun at the concept of Mercury retrograde and how much stock people sometimes put in it)
I can’t go into work today,
Mercury’s in retrograde!
If I stay home, I don’t get paid,
But I cannot work today.

I can’t talk to Mother today,
Mercury’s in retrograde!
If I chat, she’ll twist what I say!
I cannot call her today.

I can’t write my novel today,
Mercury’s in retrograde!
If I try, all my words will stray!
No, I cannot write today.

I can’t get my car fixed today,
Mercury’s in retrograde!
If I rent, they’ll give me a sleigh!
I cannot fix it today.

I can’t start vacation today,
Mercury’s in retrograde!
If I go, I’ll die on the way!
I cannot travel today.

I can’t see my lover today,
Mercury’s in retrograde!
If we talk, I’ll never get laid!
I cannot see him today.

I can’t leave my cottage today,
Mercury’s in retrograde!
If I venture I’ll rue the day…

and so I think in bed I’ll stay,
I’ve time consuming games to play,
I’ll solitaire the day away!
I cannot go out today.

Poem: Untitled Haiku

From the earth emerge
The winter now turns to spring
You return, my dear

Poem: Torchlight Truths

Healer, heal thyself.
This is heavy medicine.

There is no going back from this.
There is only going forward.

The woods are dark and you do not know the path,
but you will walk it by torchlight.

No misstep shall tumble you
nor mischief waylay you.
I will lift the light
raise it to guide and guard.
As my shadow beside me paces,
so too I am with you always.

In deepest shade,
in brightest sun,
find me at the meeting of ways,
for I am there.

Be afraid, but let not fear consume you;
I am hungrier than your fear.
Be wary, but let not caution stay your feet;
I am more frightening than the dark woods.
They are mine, they are me,
I unlock their secrets only for those who are actually ready to hear them.

Poem: Prayer for the Lost and Wandering

Your path and feet have parted ways,
and though none but you may find it,
your chosen methods leave a daze
over those you love who’d mind it.

I have watched you of many days,
your worldview with confusion rife,
unknowing, watched you slip away,
seen what you have done to your life.

I wait in silent simmering
for word from the lady of trees.
Rock bottom dropped from under me
lifting my prayers up to the breeze

that they may be carried to She
Who resides now in summer bright,
that She may grant Her blessings three
to reach you in your deepest night.

Heed them, at your peril ignore
the signs and portents you have made.
You have been placed at Justice’ door
It’s only She can give you aid.

Those who love you do fear for you,
and sadly of you they fear same.
Metaphors cannot help you, true;
it is left to you to take blame.

I plead You, Psychopomp, hear this:
he lies at losing’s very door.
It’s not his time, he’s gone amiss,
must mend those precious things he tore.

I love you like a dear brother,
Gentle, clever, witty, and true.
Your place, ne’er filled by another,
Is now taken by something else.