[PSA][Language] Nuclear vs Nuculer, or “What is a nucule?”

Curiosity’s power source is “nuclear” (new-clee-er), not “nuculer” (new-cuew-ler).

There’s no such word as nuculer.

[Edit] Actually there is, sort of! My friend Mali Hawthorne said this:
“What’s cool is that “Nu-Cu-Ler” is actually a word! A “nucule” is the meat in the center of a pit-having fruit, such as a peach, apricot or almond. An almond-bar, for example, can in fact, be described as “nucular” because it has to do with almonds, which are nucules!”

[Edit the Second] Another friend wisely pointed out that they find that discussions such as these are prone to stray to the level of “Learn English or go home”. An embarrassing and eye-opening moment for me as to where my privilege and prejudices lay.


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